Anna Ruohonen


Born in Helsinki, Finland 1967, ANNA RUOHONEN is today a Paris-based fashion designer with two clothing labels carrying her name, both for men and women. Her style follows the tradition of Finnish design; the forms are architectural, the cuts are considered, simplicity is intentional. Her ambition is to bring beauty to everyday life; with elegant, high quality clothing. Being destiny or a coincidence, living in Paris, has given a touch of sensitivity and elegance to her style. Together with the minimalist and functional Scandinavian design approach, she creates a clothing line, which is interesting, personal and recognisable.
Anna Ruohonen has studied in several fashion schools in Europe; such as The Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam and the Utrecht University of the Arts in the Netherlands, The Institut Français de la Mode in Paris, and the University of Art and Design, Helsinki where she graduated in 1994 with a Master of Arts degree.
After graduating Anna Ruohonen left Finland and settled in Paris. She has worked for Olivier Desforges, José Lévy à Paris and Martin Margiela before starting her own line, in 1999.
During the years Anna Ruohonen collections have gained several loyal international customers, Japan being the country, which is most charmed by her style. Today she also has an international private clientele, with whom she communicates personally and offers special customised services.

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heidimarika said...

Wow! She was my teacher in men's fashion design .

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

She was my teacher as well! :) I think she is so talented and also incredibly inspiring. When the other teachers were saying that you can't or you shouldn't do things this or that way she was the one who said why not? She always had very interesting way to look and approaching things. On the first day of the class she gave us all small note books from Muji. I think I still have mine some where :)

heidimarika said...

Aww..that is her exactly :)"Look at your protocol now, mess it up a little, get out of that box.." World is so small.