Derriere Restaurant / Paris

Photos by Andrea Ferrari
Styling and production by Studio Pepe

Very cool looking restaurant in the heart of Paris.

Derriere Restaurant
69 Rue Des Gravilliers
75003 Paris

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Yves Saint Laurent / Haute Couture

Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent
and Editions La Martinière have teamed up
to to gather Yves Saint Laurent haute couture
designs achieved during 40 years and unveil
this exceptional heritage to the public.
The result is impressive: 26 kg, 4 large
format boxes, 1 per each decade,
1283 boards, 80 collections, more than
1500 pieces of wardrobe revealed,
the collections which created an event
or the ones which made fuss...
Information is impeccable, detailed and
therefore complete. Each drawing and
sketch board is precisely reproduced on
a nice mat paper, has a fabric sample of
each piece of cloth, quote the workshop
that made it, the name of the model who
wore it in the show, the order of appearance.
The wardrobe is comprehensive from day
wear to night sets, showing jackets as well
as tuxedos or the wedding gowns.

I would LOVE to have one!!!
Only thing between me and this limited
edition box is 1700 euros!
If you have some extra euros and
want more info visit here.

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