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First post for this year!
The last few weeks has been really busy for me.
Well I guess everybody has been busy during
the Christmas/New Years. I finally got my permanent
residence status here in Canada so there has been
some stuff that I needed to do regarding to that etc. (celebrate)
So it's a good start for this year
and it looks like I'm staying here after all. :)

Later on there will be a shop at Etsy.com
where you can purchases prints of my pics.
I will keep you posted when it's up and running.

This pic is from last summer -Stockholm.
Take care,


Hele said...

zonsmatiIloiset onnittelut! Tuleeko sinne Etsyyn myös T-paitoja?

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

Kiitos Hele! :)
En ole vielä varma tuleeko, mutta
todennäköisesti ei. En kuitenkaan ole
unohatnut sun t-paita tilausta :)

Hele said...

Kiitos M! Pidä mut ajan tasalla! Oho, piti olla ILOISET ONNITTELUT!

Jennifer M said...

Yay - good for you on putting your photos out there - they are fabulous. I want to buy some!!!

mau said...

I love your pictures,
actually it's pretty funny that we've got the same name ;)

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

Thanks mau! :)
It is pretty funny!
I was reading Bryan Boy's blog
and I just saw Mauri said link and
I was like well I didn't wrote that so I better
go and see the link and that's how I got to your blog :)

the paris apartment said...

What a gorgeous shot, a real moment in time where you can't really pinpont a time at all.

L I S A said...

Congrats on finally receiving your residency! A feat worth celebrating. Hope to see you in Vancouver & take care x