Carine Roitfeld

I think Carine Roitfeld is so super chic! I've been lately reading articles 
about her and her interviews. She actually seems really nice not like 
her cold "American sister".

Just love her style. I guess it doesn't hurt to be editor of French Vogue. 
Getting all those designers clothes for free must be nice. According to 
one of the interviews underwear is the only thing she has to pay for really. I want that job! :)

Photo: Hedi Slimane


Stephanie said...

She's fabulous and effortlessly chic, as is all her staff at Paris Vogue. I like the recent interview video from CNN, although I think it could have been a bit more "in depth". Plus, her son is gorgeous... I too wish I got heaps of fabulous free clothing!

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

I saw that CNN video as well. I wish it could have been longer :) There is also this book called Paris Style/Paris Living/Paris something can't remember but it is this huge book I think by Taschen or Phaidon. They also have the New York one etc. On the Paris one that have pics from her home and it looks also very chic! :)